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Covid-19 Update

26th Mar 2020

Texas butchery and Texas motel wish to advise the public of our new regulations. These regulations span across both businesses and we would appreciate your cooperation during this challenging time.

  • Social distancing guidelines now apply in both businesses. Please keep atleast a 1.5meter distance between yourself and others at all times.
  • There is now a 2 customer limit at any one time excluding staff. Please respect this limit by waiting outside if there is already 2 customers in the shop.
  • Please observe the X on the floor of both businesses, this indicates where to stand during service.
  • Where possible both businesses will be taking cashless payment. Please for the sake of yourself and our staff try to be cashless during this time.
  • Where possible please phone in orders. This will make things quicker and easier for everyone. Even if it is a small order please call the shop on 07 4653 1374.
  • The butcher shop has not set a limit on products as of yet but please expect this in the future. Although there are no limits set yet please be considerate of others and try not to overdo it. Understand we are all trying our best during these challenging times and to be fair on everyone if limits are to be set they will be advised in the coming days/weeks.

Your cooperation as customers is appreciated, we will all do our best to be a safe and healthy as possible during these new and challenging times. Further updates will be posted as things progress in the coming days/weeks.

Kind regards your Texas butchery and motel team.