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Escape to the Country in Texas Qld

16th Dec 2020

We got a write up in a recent article about our town.

Jackaroo work brought Greg Scurr to Texas in 1982. He later set up a cattle station with wife Heather but, when the hardships of the drought began to take hold, the couple purchased The Texas Motel. A year later they purchased The Texas Butchery.

Between the two businesses, the couple are well known in the town and have watched others move to the area.

“It’s a really friendly little place and it’s far enough from anywhere to maintain a main street, with a good healthy business community,” he said.

“We seem to get a lot of retirees getting off the coastal strip and buying a house here after selling over there and still having a few dollars to live on.”

People in the community are generous and regularly support those in need, Scurr said. For him, that’s the best thing about living in Texas.

“Community service is very big here,” he said.

“When something goes wrong, like a house fire or sick kids, everyone will stand up and give that person a handout. We quite often have charity days at the golf club or the bowling club.

“I just like the local camaraderie. Everyone seems to be friends or family.”

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